Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank helps Kids Celebrate their Parents


What does Father’s Day and Mother’s Day mean to a child? A chance to show their love for their parents? Thank them for everything they do? Today, gifts and cards are a key part of how children are supposed to show their affection, but what if they can’t afford to buy them.

With 27% of children in the UK living in poverty, 4.3m children* will have potentially been unable to give their parents a token of their appreciation. This is happening on our doorstep, because whilst Cheshire benefits from some of the best schools and education in the UK, sadly there are still pockets of deprivation.

Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank have, for the second year running, produced a dedicated Father’s Day pack. Following on from their highly popular Mother’s Day Pamper pack campaign where 175 kits were given out, 140 of these splendid men’s packs have been made up and given to some of our youth charities helping children celebrate their parents.

Hygiene poverty can take away so much from both adults and children and it’s important that kids can make their Dad feel special on his day. None of these packs could have been made up without public contributions, so thank you. Whilst we do get less men’s products donated there is a need all year round, so please think of buying an extra toiletry in your weekly shop and dropping it off into our donation boxes, box locations can be found on the website. Alternatively, you can donate online via the website www.bntoiletrybank.org

Bare Necessities Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank was founded by two Wilmslow women in February 2018 to collect and distribute toiletries within the local community to help alleviate hygiene poverty experienced by those in financial crisis. It is registered charity in England and Wales number 1193427.

At present Bare Necessities Toiletry bank supports 32 local charities and organisations.

Collection bins are located throughout the community and are guest hosted, on a campaign basis, by local businesses and groups. Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank needs all full-size, everyday toiletries, feminine hygiene products, dental and baby products as well as hotel and beauty miniatures. The only proviso is that they must be unopened and unused.

Find Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank on Instagram @barenecessities_toiletrybank, on Twitter @BNToiletryBank and on Facebook @barenecessities_toiletrybank www.bntoiletrybank.org [email protected]



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