Happy human hedges!

Did you go out in the town today? Well if you did you’d have been in for a right surprise …. in the shape of our happy human hedges!

With the sun shining and it being Mother’s Day this weekend the Wilmslows Way Better team thought they would show some love and appreciation not just to the Mums but to everyone in Wilmslow!

Armed with a basket of daffodils from our friends up at Steve the Flower man’s shop we took to the streets with our happy hedges to create a bit of mischief and add a little smile to peoples day……. why? Why not?! Would like to give a big thanks to The Grove and its staff for allowing us to take over their garden while we got ready and to the business that we visited throughout…. they where naughty at times those little hedges! I think the excitement of meeting local celebrity Dr Rangan Chatterjee during his book signing at Waterstones was a particular highlight of their day!

Photo round up below …..


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