Jacob & co partnership with Harrington & Hallworth


Jacob & Co UK expands its retailer portfolio in the North-West of England with an exciting
partnership agreement with Harrington & Hallworth in two locations.


Bespoke brand furniture will be installed to launch the stores in both the prestigious Manchester
City Centre address of No.1 King Street along with the star-studded hotspot of Grove Street,
Wilmslow. The Jacob & Co collections on offer from Harrington & Hallworth will include pieces from
Palatial, Epic X, Epic X Chrono and ladies Brilliant Diamond through to pinnacle Astronomia
An event is set for early May where Jacob & Co UK and its affinity partners will put on a night to
remember for the wonderful customers and friends of Harrington & Hallworth and will set the ‘kickoff’ of the brand in Northern England.
Richard Saffer of Jacob & Co UK said ‘we are delighted to not only partner with Harrington &
Hallworth as a retailer in these two important landmarks but also as we have a long standing
friendship with Peter Harrington and the team who we know will support us and drive a valuable
customer experience in the region’.
Peter Harrington of Harrington & Hallworth said ‘At Basel the first stand I always visited is Jacob. The
sheer genius, quality, and innovation of everything he does ensures his place in the history of
inspired jewellers.
They are not watches to be buried in a safe, in the hope they increase in value, vibrant exciting
people wear and enjoy Jacob, their celebrity status attracts a new type of collector from the world of
art and fashion and we are thrilled to be part of that scene.’

Press enquiries to:
Jacob & Co (Watches and Jewellery) Ltd
Office: 0333 366 0008 – Email: [email protected]
Jacob & Co (Watches and Jewellery) LTD is registered in England & Wales with company number: 13303764

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