Parks and Playgrounds of Wilmslow

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One of the most underrated parts of Wilmslow is the amount of green space available – perfect for those mid-summer strolls, taking the kids to for a breath of fresh air, or just a lovely walk with the dog. Here’s a great map of just a few of the publicly available parks and playgrounds across all of Wilmslow.

1. The Carrs, Cliff Road (Reviews)

2. Lacey Green Park, Barlow Road

3. The Temp, Gravel Lane / South Oak Lane

4. The Pleasure, Gravel Lane, adjacent to Beechfield Avenue

5. Little Lindow, Hawthorn Street, adjacent to the Fire Station

6. Arthur Boon, Manchester Road / Dean Drive

7. Howty Close, Colshaw Farm

8. Picton Drive Play Area

9. Summerfields, Browns Lane

10. Thorngrove Play Area

11. The Villas, Alverston Drive

12. Welton Drive

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