Lisa works for Groundwork, and has been appointed by Wilmslow Town Council to promote and support our town centre through the new branding.

Here’s what Lisa is aiming to do:
* Create a town centre that is vibrant
* Serve residents’ changing needs
* Support businesses with the ongoing impacts of the pandemic
* Most importantly, make sure everyone knows that,……… Wilmslow’s WAY BETTER!

Lisa represents Wilmslow’s Way Better – the new town centre brand – and is regularly seen in her Wilmslow’s Way Better hoodie getting to know businesses around the town centre.
Have you met Lisa – or had a photo with her Wilmslow’s Way Better picture frame – yet?

Why not tell us what you think is great about your business or Wilmslow town centre?

Contact us on: [email protected]

This is a free service funded by Wilmslow Town Council to support the businesses in the town centre.

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