Tech Month

Have you ever considered why technology is so crucial in today’s world? Every moment of the day, you are literally surrounded by technology. You are continually utilising technology, whether you are working or relaxing. Its application has made life simpler.

Thanks to technological advancements, distant places and people have become closer. The speed of life has quickened. Communication is fast, travel is rapid, movement is simple, action is instant, engagement is swift, and life has sped up beyond recognition. Things that used to take hours to perform or complete can now be completed in seconds. The world is getting smaller, and life is getting faster. Technology is courtesy. That is why, this month we’ll be focusing on tech, read on if you want to find out what we’ve got in store for you.

Alan Turing

Let’s take it back to the very start. What is coding, and how is it important today? Well, to put it simply, you wouldn’t be able to read this blog without it. Coding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to. Our digital world is driven by code. To function, every website, smartphone app, computer software, calculator, and even microwave relies on code. As a result, coders are the digital age’s architects and constructors. But it all falls down to one man, Alan Turing, the legendary codebreaker.

The Turing Machine was the first to present the idea of a universal machine. We don’t mean physical equipment when we say machine; we mean something more general like a formula or an algorithm. Several formulae or equations may be used to solve a wide range of situations. The Turing Machine was no exception, with an infinite memory capable of processing any set of instructions (an algorithm) by a mechanical process. Moreover, this machine could not only solve one algorithm but all of them.

The Creative Hut event

At its most basic level, STEM education entails instructing kids in four distinct disciplines: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (collectively shortened as STEM). However, instead of teaching them in just one of these areas, STEM incorporates all four in an interdisciplinary and applied approach to better prepare them for careers and real-world applications.

The STEM industry is predicted to become one of the world’s major employers in the future years. Every day, we see the development of new and inventive technologies, and this number is only likely to rise in the following years. This is why we want to bring the children of Wilmslow together. In partnership with Wilmslow Town Council and Creative Hut, we are providing a range of FREE, fun and educational hands-on activities for all ages. All based at Wilmslow Library from 10 am- 3 pm. Activities encourage learning through play to inspire coders, scientists, and engineers of tomorrow.

Using Lego build, there will be opportunities to code a robot that races around a track. This will include fairground rides, vehicles, self-driving cars, and you will get to design and engineer a freewheeling racer to get the fastest time down a ramp and get creative with 3D printing to make art & decorations!

How can you get involved?

At Wilmslow’s Way Better, we represent the collective voice of businesses in the Wilmslow Town Centre. If you want to get in touch, head over to our contact us page, and Lisa Russett will be in touch.

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