Wilmslow Community Market Garden

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Oakenclough Children’s centre home to one of the four community market gardens we have in Wilmslow. Oakenclough is one of the bigger sites, on which the team are hoping to grow a large quantity of produce for the local community. They have already established an orchard, dug many veg beds, and have installed a polytunnel for all year round growing.

The idea behind the Community Market Gardens is for people of all ages to come along and to learn to grow food together and to make this a safe, sustainable and inclusive environment for all. Gardening and growing your own food is a great for your mental wellbeing and being outdoors amongst nature is perfect for your physical health, even on a cold crisp day its great to full the fresh air in your lungs. Now that the days are getting lighter all 4 gardens are open for volunteering. Full details of all gardens can be found here 

If you can’t make it along to one of the gardens the team are starting a ‘Grow Along’ campaign which they hope you will join so that you can grow your own food at home. They’ll be posting ideas of what to sow and where to sow it. Join in by following their Facebook page and tag us on social media with your planting pics @wilmslowswaybetter #wilmslowswaybetter #waybettergardening we’d love to see your progress! I’ve just planted chillies.


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