Bare Necessities Toiletry Bank deliver Prom Packs & Father’s Day Gifts to local Children

Over 170 Prom Pack and 180 Father’s Day gifts were given out to Schools and Youth Groups in the local area helping children to celebrate their Fathers and their own achievements.
Prom should be a time of celebration but for some children it’s another challenge, how will they be able to afford to go? Bare Necessities has lent a helping hand by providing boy or girl essential packs containing a selection of everything they would need in terms of toiletries, make-up and hair products.
Many of these have been donated by loyal supporters of Bare Necessities into the charity’s collection points. With other items coming from a local corporate supporter and beauty supplier, Amelia Knight.
Some of the packs were given to the Bideford Community Centre in Wythenshawe for their DresSOS initiative which provides dresses and suits to girls and boys for their prom, free of charge. The Bare Necessities packs added a little something extra to Bideford’s amazing offering.
Children in poorer households are affected deeply when everyone at school is talking about Prom or Father’s day and they cannot afford to join in. Their mental health is negatively affected and they tend to rubbish the events because they cannot afford them. The Toiletry packs on these occasions help in some way to redress the balance.

Chair of Bare Necessities, Wendy Hobson, commented, “Hygiene poverty can take away so much from both adults and children and it’s important that kids can be made to feel special themselves or make their Dad feel special on his day. None of these packs could have been made up without public contributions, so thank you.”
Whilst the Prom and Father’s Day packs are complete for this year children in poorer households need toiletries week in, week out. So, if you can, please donate any unused toiletries, make up or make up accessories into our donation boxes. Locations can be found on the website. Alternatively, you can donate online via the website
Because no-one should have to choose between eating and keeping clean.


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